Ethics & Medicine Volume 4:1 Spring 1988

Download PDF : E&M 4.1 EDITORIAL Dr Ian L. Brown AIDS, Medicine and Moral Absolutes Dr Elliot Larson AIDS: Social and Pastoral Considerations Archibald MacLullich Counsel and Care Bishop Maurice A.P. Wood Aiding the Young Mrs Valerie Riches

Ethics & Medicine Volume 3:3 Fall 1987

Download PDF : E&M 11.1 EDITORIAL he Handicapped Child Professor O. Peter Gray Life and Death and the Handicapped Newborn Dr C. Everett Koop Life, Death and the Handicapped Newborn: A Review of the Ethical Issues Dr Richard Higginson The Ambiguity of Progress and Medical Ethics The Reverend Rudolph Arendt

Ethics & Medicine Volume 3:2 Summer 1987

Download PDF : E&M 3.2 EDITORIALS The Euthenasia Syndrome Mr C’s Baby and the Abortion Debate Decisions at the End of Life Dr C. Everett Koop Medical Science Under Dictatorship Dr Leo Alexander AIDS and Thics: A Response to Professor Raymond Dr. David E. B. Powell

Ethics & Medicine Volume 3:1 Spring 1987

Download PDF : E&M 3.1 EDITORIAL: Angel of Death The Reverend Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron The Surgeon General’s Report on AIDS AIDS, HIV Testing and the Ethics of Informed Consent Professor Diane Raymond AIDS – A Modern Black Death? Dr Ian L. Brown A Bishop on Morals Condemnation Without Rejection

Ethics & Medicine Volume 2:2 Summer 1986

Download PDF : E&M 2.2 EDITORIAL Ethics and Ethics The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron After the Embryo the Fetus? Sir John Peel Some Theological Perspectives on the Human Embryo (Part 2) The Revd Dr David Atkinson Responses to Warnock: a Review Isobel Grigor The Gillick Judgement: a Perspective Martyn Jones

Ethics & Medicine Volume 2:1 Spring 1986

Download PDF : E&M 2.1 EDITORIAL Virtue in Question The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron What Kind of Being is the Human Embryo? Dr Teresa Iglesias Some Theological Perspectives on the Human Embryo The Revd Dr David Atkinson Birth Control and Population Policies Michael and Joyce Bell

Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:4 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.4 New Medicine for Old The Revd. Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron Withdraw this licence to kill Paul Johnson O’Donovan’s Dilema Stephen N. Williams Screening for Spina Bifida Edwin Pugh Ethical Conflicts in the long term Care of Aged Patients: A Response George L. Chalmers An Introduction to the History and Present State of the Law relating to Abortion in England C. R. Fradd

Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:3 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.3 EDITORIAL Back on the Agenda The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron STUDENT FORUM Dr George L. Chalmers The Issues Facing Mankind Proffessor Paul Ramsey Ethical Conflicts in Long-term Care of Aged Patients Goran Bexell, Astrid Norberg, Bo Norberg Why I Changed my Mind Dr Peter Armon

Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:2 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.2 SYMPOSIUM ON THE WARNOCK REPORT EDITORIAL One of Us? The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron Problems Raised by Artificial Human Reproduction Professor Ian Donald A view from the Other End Dr George L. Chalmers The Case Against Embryo Research Dr Richard Higginson A Church’s Response to Warnock