Ethics & Medicine Volume 21:1 Spring 2005

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The Wisdom of Costa Rica
C. Ben Mitchell, Ph. D.

Guest Commentary
Pain Definitions Revised: Newborns Not Only Feel Pain, They Also Suffer
Carlo Bellieni, MD

Immediate Animation: Thomistic Principles Applied to Norman Ford’s Objections
Fr. Juan R. Velez G., MD, Ph.D.

Can Artificial Techniques Supply Morally Neutral Human Embryos for Research?
Nancy L. Jones, Ph.D. and William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD

Lebensunwertes Leben: The Devolution of Personhood in the Weimar and Pre-Weimar Era
J. Daryl Charles, Ph.D.

Book Reviews
My Sister’s Keeper: A Novel- Jodi Picoult
David B. Fletcher, Ph.D.

Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception – Sam and Bethany Torode

Sarah J. Flashing

Biotechnology Update: News and Views
Edited by Amy DeBaets

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