Ethics & Medicine : Volume 32:2 Summer 2016

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The Patient as Person, the Diagnosis as Personal
C. Ben Mitchell, PhD

The Elemental Ethicon
William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD

Morality and Ethical Theories in the Context of Human Behavior
Irina Filip, MD; Neeta Saheba, MD; Bryan Wick, MD; Amir Radfar, MD, MPH, MSc

A Metaphysical Definition of Death
Margaret M. Sealey, MB, ChB, FFARCSI, MA, BA

Virtue as Mediator : Informing Health Care Issues Through Virtue Ethics and Scripture
Stephen Meawad, MT

An Aristotlian -Thomistic Moral Analysis of Two Cases of Medical Induction for Previable Infants
Renee Mirkes, OSF, PhD

Book Reviews

Should We Live Forever? The Ethical Ambiguities of Aging
Gilbert Meileander, Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans, 2013.
ISBN  978-0-8028-6869-5.   121 PAGES, PAPERBACK, $18.00.
Reviewed by Todd T.W. Daly, Phd(Theological Ethics), who is an Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics at Urbana Theological Seminary in Champaign, Illinois, USA, an associate fellow at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity in nearby Deerfield, Illinois and has served as an inaugural fellow at the Paul Ramsey Institute. He currently resides in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Reproductive Medicine and the Life Sciences in the Contemporary Economy : a Sociomaterial Perspective
Alexander Styhre and Rebecka Arman. Surrey, England: Gower Publishing Limited, 2013.
ISBN  978-1-4094-5350-5, 232 PAGES, CLOTH, $119.95.
Understanding Beliefs
Nils Nillson. Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, 2014.
ISBN  978-0-262-52643-2, 168 PAGES, PAPER, $14.95.
Margaret L. Eaton and Donald Kennedy, Baltimore, MD : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.
Above books reviewed by Susan M. Haack, MD, MA(Bioethics), MDiv, FACOG, recently retired from consultative gynecology at Hess Memorial Hospital and Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston, Wisconsin, USA.

Covenant Medicine : Being Present When Present
David H. Beyda, MD. Phoenix, AZ : Covenant Press, 2015.
ISBN 978-0-578-16734-3, 153 PAGES, PAPER, $14.95.
Reviewed by Michael G. Munoz, MEd, MAR, MA(Bioethics), EMT-B, who has worked in fire fighting for over 30 years, is adjunct faculty at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves on the Ethics Committee at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and is a doctoral student  in bioethics at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Innovation in Medical Technology : Ethical Issues and Challenges
Margaret L. Eaton and Donald Kennedy, Baltimore, MD : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.
ISBN 0-8018-8526-4, 155 PAGES, CLOTH, 35.00.
Reviewed by Jacob William Shatzer, MDiv, who is assistant professor of theological and biblical studies at Sterling College, Sterling, Kansas, USA.

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