Ethics & Medicine Volume 16:3 Fall 2000

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come
C Ben Mitchell, PhD

Can Christians Be Effective in the Public Policy Arena?
Clarke D Forsythe, JD

Toward the Relief of Suffering and the Restoration of Person
Jeffrey L Newswanger, DO

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration for Patients in Persistent Vegetative State: Continuing Reflections
Alison Atkinson, MB, ChB, DA

Autonomy, Euthanasia, and the Holy Spirit

Stephen Soto de Mayor, PA-C, Bsc

How Then Should We Die?: California’s ‘Death With Dignity’ Act
Robert W Evans, PhD

Hope, Healing, and Justice in the Abortion Debate
Ann Vogel, RN

Book Reviews

Valuing PeopleGareth Jones, David Short

Called to Care: A Christian Theology of NursingJudith Allen Shelly & Arlene B. Miller, Bart Cusveller, BNurs, MPhil

Christians and BioethicsFraser Watts, Editor, Dr. P. K. Buxton

Revelation and Reconciliation: A Window on ModernityStephen N. Williams, W. David J. McKay

Families Following Assisted Conception: What Do We Tell Our Child?Alexina M. McWhinnie, Agneta Sutton

New Ethics for the Public’s HealthDan E. Beauchamp & Bonnie Steinbock, Editors, Michael W. Austin, MA

Genetic Engineering: A Christian ResponseTimothy J. Demy & Gary P. Stewart, Editors, Amy B. Coxon, PhD

Unholy Madness: The Church’s Surrender to PsychiatrySeth Farber, Andrew M. Seddon, MD

Character Counts: Leadership Qualities in Washington, Wilberforce, Lincoln, and SolzhenitsynOs Guiness, Editor, Brad Stetson, PhD

Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Major Issues for a New CenturyJohn Stott, Andrew M. Seddon, MD

How to Arrive at a Considered Opinion: A Method of Analyzing Moral Issues in the Public DebatesKenneth J. Zanca, Donal P. O’Mathuna, PhD

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