Ethics & Medicine Volume 15:1 Spring 1999

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When Learned Doctors Murder
C. Ben Mitchell, PhD

Primitive Physic
Reverend John Wesley (1703-1791)

In Vitro Fertilization and the Ethics of Procreation
Joseph S. Spoerl, PhD

Palliative Care from the Perspective of a Consultant Geriatrician: The Dangers of Withholding Hydration
Gillian Craig, MD, FRCP

Book Reviews
Man Made Man: Ethical and Legal Issues in GeneticsEd Peter Docherty & Agneta Sutton, Prof. David Short

God and the Biologist: Faith at the Frontiers of ScienceR. J. Berry, Prof. David Short

A Time to Live, A Time to DieBeatrice M. A. Ash, with Lucile Allen, Dianna Lightfoot, MA

The New Healers: The Promise and Problems of Molecular Medicine in the Twenty-First CenturyWilliam R. Clark, Andrew M. Seddon, MD

The Ends of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal PolityEzekiel J. Emanuel, John F. Peppin, DO

Striving After Virtue: A Contemporary Guide for Jewish Ethical BehaviorKerry M. Olitzky & Rachel T. Sabath, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Jewish Ethics and Halakhah for Our Time (Sources and Commentary), Volume IIBasil F. Herring, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Moral Theory and Medical PracticeK. W. M. Fulford, Dr. P. K. Buxton

Modern Medicine and Jewish EthicsFred Rosner, Gregory W. Rutecki, MD

Abortion at Work: Ideology and Practice in a Feminist ClinicWendy Simonds, Brad Stetston, PhD

Religion and Medical Ethics: Looking Back, Looking ForwardAllen Verhey, Editor, John F. Peppin, DO

The New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted PeopleWolf Wolfensberger, Andrew M. Seddon, MD

Post-Abortion Syndrome: Its Wide RamificationsPeter Doherty, Editor, Susan Williams

The Patient in the Family: An Ethics of Medicine and FamiliesHilde Lindemann Nelson & James Lindemann Nelson, David B. Fletcher, PhD

Ethics in Obstetrics and GynecologyLaurence B. McCullough and Frank A. Chervenak, Richelle K. Marracino, MD

Lethal MercyHarry Lee Kraus, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Babies and Beasts: The Argument from Marginal CasesDaniel a Dombrowski, Francis J. Beckwith, PhD

Healing By KillingNitzam Aviram, Robert D. Orr, MD

Homosexuality and the Politics of TruthJeffrey Satinover, H. Lee Campbell, PhD

Gospel Virtues: Practicing Faith, Hope, & Love in Uncertain TimesJonathan R. Wilson, Michael McKenzie, PhD

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