Ethics & Medicine Volume 14:2 Summer 1998

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Consultation Paper on Cloning
Agneta Sutton

Are Advance Directives an Advance?
A A Howsepian, MD

The Health Care Institution-Patient Relationship: A Paradigm Lost
John F Peppin, DO

Non-Treatment Decisions in the Care of the Newborn Infant
John Wyatt

Watching Over Patient Life and Death: Kevorkian, Hippocrates, and Maimonides

Kalman J Kaplan, PhD & Matthew B Schwartz, PhD

Book Reviews
Ethics and PerinatologyA Goldworth, W Silverman, D K Stevenson, E W D Young, & R Rivers, Editors, Dorothy Whyte

Moral Choices: An Introduction to EthicsScott Rae, Daniel E Deaton

Playing God: Dissecting Biomedical Ethics and Manipulating the BodyR C Sproul, Jr, Editor, Andrew M Seddon, MD

The ProposalAngela Hunt, Andrew M Seddon, MD

The Cyborg HandbookChris Hables Gray, Editor, David Schiedermayer, MD

Body, Soul, and BioethicsGilbert C Meilaender, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD

Bioethics: A Primer for ChristiansGilbert Meilaender, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD

Euthanasia in The Netherlands: Sliding Down the Slippery Slope?John Keown, Prof David Short

Trying for a Baby: What You Need to Know About Fertility TreatmentPete Moore, Richard Higginson

The Idea of the Postmodern: A HistoryHans Bertens, Rev D Ernest Lucas

Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Defence of InteractionKarl R Popper; M A Notturno-Editor, Francis J Beckwith, PhD

Wrong MedicineLawrence J Schneiderman & Nancy S Jecker, Andrew M Seddon, MD

Israel’s Divine Healer (Studies in Old Testament Biblical Theology Series)Michael L Brown, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD

Ethics for a Brave New WorldJohn S Feinberg & Paul D Feinberg, Andrew M Seddon, MD

Life’s Living Toward DyingVigen Guroian, Gregory W Rutecki, MD

Overcoming Infertility: A Compassionate Resource for Getting PregnantRobert Jansen, MD, Scott B Rae

The Ethical Primate: Humans, Freedom, and MoralityMary Midgley, Bruce A Little, MAR, MA, DMin

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