Ethics & Medicine Volume 17:1 Spring 2001

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C. Ben Mitchell, Ph. D.

Guest Editorial
Nigel M de S Cameron

Guest Commentary
Henk Jochemsen

Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us
Bill Joy

Redux: Is the Oral Contraceptive Pill an Abortifacient?
Joel Goodnough

Sponsorship of Educational Programmes in Nigerian Medical and Pharmacy Schools by Pharmaceutical Companies: Possible Risk Implication for Public Health
Emmanuel O. Okoro and Arthur E. Davies

Book Reviews
False Hopes: Overcoming the Obstacles to a Sustainable, Affordable Medicine
Daniel Callahan Thomas D. Kennedy

The Foundations of Bioethics, 2nd EditionH. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. David B Fletcher

Do We Still Need Doctors?John Lantos W Malcolm U. Moffat

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