Ethics & Medicine Volume 20:3 Fall 2004

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Bill Gates Gets Under Our Skin
C. Ben Mitchell, Ph. D.

Guest Editorial
Conflicts of Interest in Medical Ethics
Eugene F. Diamond, MD

Guest Commentary
Inevitable Human Cloning as Viewed from 221-B Baker Street
William P. Cheshire, MD, MA, FAAN

Terminal Sedation, Terminal Elation, and Medical Parsimony
Y. Michael Barilan, MD, MA

“The Gift of Life”? A Perspective on Adult Partial Liver Donation
Gregory W. Rutecki, MD

Book Reviews
Ethics in Community-Based Elder Care – Joy DeLaere

The Physician’s Covenant: Images of the Healer in Medical Ethics, 2nd Edition – William F. May

Joy Riley, MD

Biotechnology Update: News and Views
Edited by Amy DeBaets

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