Ethics & Medicine Volume 19:3 Fall 2003

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The New Utopians and a Truly Human Future
C Ben Mitchell

Guest Commentary
Some Christian Responses to the Genetic Revolution
Julie P. Clague, MTH, PGCE

Twigs of Terebinth: The Ethical Origins of the Hospital in Judeo-Christian Tradition
William P. Cheshire, MD

Poem: The overlooked test
William P. Cheshire, MD

The New Eugenics and the Newborn: The Historical “Cousinage” of Eugenics and Infanticide
David P. Mortimer, MDiv

The Ethics of Advertising Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Lars Reuter, PhD

Biotechnology Update: News and Views

Edited by Amy DeBaets

Book Reviews
Enough: Staying Human in and Engineered Age– Bill McKribben Amy Michelle DeBaets

Everyday Bioethics: Reflections on Bioethical Choices in Daily Life Giovanni Berlinguer Bruce A. Little

Setting Limits Fairly: Can We Learn to Share Medical Resources? Norman Daniels and James E. Sabin David Short

Why Bother Being Good?: The Place of God in the Moral Life John Hare Bruce A. Little

Rethinking Peter Singer Gordon Preece, Editor David B. Fletcher

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