Ethics & Medicine Volume 11:3 Fall 1995

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The Budapest Conference in Bioethics, 1995
Dr Teresa Iglesias

Is the Human Person a Substance or a Property-thing?
J P Moreland & John Mitchell

A Christian Perspective on the Use of Animals for Medical Research and Transplantation
Juan Aristondo

Book Reviews
Procuring Organs for Transplant: The Debate Over Non-Heart-Beating Cadaver ProtocolsRobert M Arnold, MD, Stewart J Youngner, MD, Renie Schapiro, MPH, & Carol Mason Spicer, MA, Editors Gregory W Rutecki, MD

The Virtues in Medical PracticeEdmund Pellegrino & David Thomasma John Peppin, DO

Cleansing the Fatherland: Nazi Medicine and Racial HygieneGotz Aly, Peter Chroust, & Christian Pross C Ben Mitchell

Our Genetic Future: The Science and Ethics of Genetic TechnologyBritish Medical Association Patrick J O’Rourke

Ethical Issues in NursingGeoffrey Hunt, Editor Agneta Sutton

Pursuing Parenthood: Ethical Issues in Assisted ReproductionPaul Lauritzen Tamsin Poole

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