Ethics & Medicine Volume 14:3 Fall 1998

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Viagra and the Future of Medicine
C. Ben Mitchell, PhD

Carl F. Henry, PhD

Made Not Begotten: A Theological Analysis of Human Cloning
John S. Grabowski, PhD

Cochlear Implants in Children: Ethical Considerations from the Perspective of a Christian Parent
Gerald R. Feulmer, MA, MDiv

Prenatal Genetic Testing: The Need for Legislation

Emy Lucassen

Eugenic Tendencies in Modern Genetics
David King

Book Reviews
Brave New Families: Biblical Ethics and Reproductive TechnologiesScott B. Rae, Brad Stetson, PhD

The Frankenstein Syndrome: Ethical and Social Issues in the Genetic Engineering of AnimalsBernard E. Rollin, Amy Coxon

Medicine in the Bible and the Talmud: Selections From Classical Jewish SourcesFred Rosner, Greg W. Rutecki, MD

Christian Healing: What Can We BelieveEd Ernest Lucas, David Short

The Ethics of Human Gene TherapyLeRoy Walters & Julie Gage Palmer, Andrew M. Seddon, MD

Organ Transplantation: Meanings and RealitiesStuart J. Youngner, Renee C. Fox, & Laurence J. O’Connell, Editors, Gregory W Rutecki, MD

Strong Shadows: Scenes From an Inner City AIDS ClinicAbigail Zuger, David Schiedermayer, MD

Medical Ethics Today: Its Practice and PhilosophyBritish Medical Association 1993, Patrick J O’Rourke

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