Book Review Guidelines

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We welcome reviews of recent books on ethics, philosophy, theology, clinical medicine, scientific research, law and policy, cultural developments, and other themes relevant to bioethical inquiry. The works should be of general interest for an academic readership, rather than from a highly technical perspective.

Reviews should offer an analysis consistent with the perspective of Judeo-Christian Hippocratism, or at least not in opposition to the approach of Ethics & Medicine as a journal, with a length of 750 to 1250 words. A good review will identify the key ideas of the book and clearly outline its strengths and weaknesses. Authors interested in submitting a lengthier review essay covering several works should contact the Book Review Editor for additional guidance.

Reviews should be submitted in Word format, with 12pt Times New Roman font and double-spaced, left-justified, with normal (1”) margins and without page numbers. The book’s details should appear first, in this format: Title, Author, Publisher, year, ISBN xxx-xxxxxxxxxx, PAGES, BINDING, price.

Direct quotes from the book you are reviewing should appear in quotes, followed by a page number. Example:

In her introduction, the author states, “Bioethics is the art of the possible” (p. 12).

References to other books should use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition, Full Notes style (in endnote formatting). All other guidelines for submissions to Ethics & Medicine should be followed.

Your signature should appear at the end with your university affiliation, without a title. If you do not currently hold an academic appointment, your city and country will suffice.

Send your review to: All book reviews will be approved and edited by the Book Review Editor (currently Dennis Sullivan).

PDF of these Guidelines