Ethics & Medicine Volume 13:1 Spring 1997

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Euthanasia Tourism
Rebecca C Miller

The Culture of Death and the Gospel of Life: An Evangelical Response to Evangelium Vitae
R. Albert Mohler, Jr, PhD

The Use of Backstreet Abortion Arguments in Favour of Legalized Abortion
David Paton, BSc, MA

Products of the Will: Robertson’s Children of Choice
Prof. Gilbert Meilaender

Prospective Payment System and the Traditional Medical Ethics in Hungary
Prof. Ilona Jenei

Book Reviews
Christian Choices in Health CareDominic Beer, Eunice R. Burton, FRCS, FRCOG

Medical Ethics: An IntroductionKenneth Kearon, Stephen N. Williams

Science and the New Age ChallengeErnest Lucas, John A. Bryant

The Illusion of Trust: Toward a Medical Theological Ethics in the Postmodern AgeEdwin R. DuBose, Stephen N. Williams

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