Ethics & Medicine Volume 15:2 Summer 1999

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Guest Editorial
The Christian Heritage in Cure and Care
Henk Jochemsen

A Worldview for Nursing
Arlene B. Miller, RN, MDiv

Working Towards Shalom: The Core of Nursing Practice
Judith Allen Shelly, RN, DMin

Professional Responsibility in Nursing Theory and Practice: Response to Arlene Miller and Judy Shelly
Bart Cusveller, Prof.

‘Why Me, God?’ Understanding Suffering
Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD

‘Double Effect’ and Palliative Care: A Legal and Ethical Outline
John Keown, MA, DPhil

Book Reviews
Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New WorldLee M Silver, Agneta Sutton

Bringing the Hospital Home: Ethical and Social Implications of High-Tech Home CareJohn D Arras, Editor, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Alternative Medicine and EthicsJames M Humber & Robert F Almeder, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD

The Alternative Medicine HandbookBarrie R Cassileth, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD

Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes?John F Kilner, Rebecca D Pentz, & Frank E Young, Editors, Amy B Coxon, BS, PhD candidate

Piety and Humanity: Essays on Religion and Early Modern Political PhilosophyDouglas Kreis, Editor, Bruce A Little, MAR, MA, DMin

Long-Term Care Decisions: Ethical and Conceptual DimensionsLaurence B McCullough & Nancy L Wilson, Editors, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Alzheimer’s: Answers to Hard Questions for FamiliesJames Lindemann Nelson & Hilde Lindemann Nelson, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD

The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer DiseaseStephen G Post, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD

Forgetting Whose We Are: Alzheimer’s Disease and the Love of GodDavid Keck, Thomas D Kennedy, PhDThomas D Kennedy, PhD

Genetics: Issues of Social JusticeTed Peters, Editor, Katherine Johnston

Medicine, Money & Morals: Physicians’ Conflicts of InterestMarc A Rodwin, Scott E Daniels, MDiv, MA, PhD

Who’s Afraid of Human CloningGregory E Pence, Michael McKenzie, PhD

Bioethics, A Primer for ChristiansGilbert Meilander, George L Chalmers

The Right to Know and the Right Not to KnowEd Ruth Chadwick, Mairi Levitt, & Darren Shickle, David Short

What You Need to Know About CancerSpecial Issue: Scientific American, Donald K Wood, MD, FACS

Reflecting the Divine Image: Christian Ethics in Wesleyan PerspectiveH Ray Dunning, Andrew M Seddon, MD

Ethics in Higher Education: Case Studies for RegentsAlexander Holmes, Donald K Wood, MD, FACS

Balancing Act: The New Medical Ethics of Medicine’s New EconomicsE Haavi Morreim, Scott B Rae, PhD

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