Ethics & Medicine Volume 13:2 Summer 1997

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The Transition from a Social to a Competition-Base Health Care System
Prof. Gyula, Gaizler

Anencephalic Neonates as Organ Donors Revisited: A Response to the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association
Gregory W Rutecki, MD

The American Psychiatric Association’s ‘Guidelines Regarding Possible Conflict Between Psychiatrists’ Religious Commitments and Psychiatric Practice’: A Conceptual Critique
A A Howsepian, MD

Gatekeeper Ethics: The Primary Care Physician in the Era of Managed Care
Don Buckley, MD

A Document Against So-Called Embryo ‘Reduction’
Centre of Bioethics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome

Book Reviews
Ethical Aspects of Human ReproductionClaude Sureau & Francoise Shenfield, Editors Pete Moore

Life at Risk: The Crises in Medical EthicsRichard D. Land & Louis A. Moore, Editors Bruce A. Little, MA, MAR, DMin

Readings in Christian Ethics, Volume 1: Theory and MethodDavid K. Clark and Robert V. Rakestraw, Editors James A. Smith, Sr.

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Pre-conceived Ideas: A Christian Perspective of IVF and EmbryologySaint Andrew Press, Editor, Dr. Calum MacKellar

The Troubled Helix: Social and Psychological Implications of the New Human GeneticsTheresa Marteau & Martin Richards, Prof. John A. Bryant

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