Ethics & Medicine Volume 20:2 Summer 2004

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Godsend or God’s End
C. Ben Mitchell, Ph. D.

Guest Commentary
A Neglected Solution to the Problem of the Metaphysical and Moral Status of the Human-Animal Chimera
Russell DiSilvestro, MA

Lethal Injection: The Medical Charade
Jonathan I Groner, MD

When a Family Member Changes Their Mind Regarding the DNR Order: The Importance of Documentation
Bernard M. Karnath, MD and Cheryl E. Vaiani, PhD

Human Embryos, “Twinning,” and Public Policy
John Jefferson Davis, PhD

When Names Make Claims: Ethical Issues in Medical Device Marketing
Katrina A. Bramstedt, PhD

Book Reviews

Biotechnology Update: News and Views
Edited by Amy DeBaets

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