Ethics & Medicine Volume 17:3 Fall 2001

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Old MacDonald Had an Embryo Pharm, E, I, E, I, Oh?
C. Ben Mitchell, Ph. D.

Guest Commentary
To the Editor

Polygamy and Autonomy
David B. Fletcher

A Theologian’s Brief: On the Place of the Human Embryo Within the Christian Tradition and the Theological Principles for Evaluating Its Moral Status

David Jones, et. al.

Taking Abortion Seriously: A Philosophical Critique of the New Anti-Abortion Rhetorical Shift
Francis J. Beckwith

Prenatal DNR Orders and the Baby Doe Regulations: Case Review and Analysis
Robert E. Cranston

A Thirty-Year Perspective on Personhood: How Has the Debate Changed?
Dennis Sullivan

Book Reviews
Without Moral Limits: Women, Reproduction, and Medical TechnologyDebra Evans J. Alan Branch

Regulation of the Healthcare ProfessionsTimothy S. Jost, Editor Jack T. Hanford

Body and Soul: Human Nature and the Crisis of EthicsJ.P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae Michael W. Austin

The Invention of Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral PhilosophyJ. B. Schneewind David B. Fletcher

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