Ethics & Medicine : Volume 35:3 Fall 2019

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When Self Determination Runs Amok
C. Ben Mitchell, PhD

Lifting the Impenetrable Veil: Ethical Implications of Neural Vision Decoding
William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD

The Art of Informed Consent
Jay Hollman, MD, MA; Ferdinand D. Yates., MD, MA (Bioethics)

Professional Objections and Healthcare : More Than a Case of Conscience
Michal Pruski, PhD, MA, AFHEA, MRSB

Social Freezing: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma
Justo Aznar, MD, PhD; Julio Tudela Cuenmca, Pharm, PhD

Addiction as Degradation of Life
Andrej Beran, PhD


When Harry Became Sally : Responding to the Transgender Moment
Ryan R. Anderson, New York: Encounter Books 2018.
ISBN  978-1-59403-961-4, 251 PAGES, HARDCOVER.  $15.89
Reviewed by Michael Munoz, D. Bioethics, MA (Bioethics), MAR, MEd, who worked in fire fighting for over 30 years, is adjunct faculty at Spokane Community College, and serves on the Disaster Clinical Advisory  Committee, Spokane, WA.

Why Have Children?: The Ethical Debate
Christine Overall. Basic Bioethics Series, Cambridge, MA and London: The MIT Press, 2013.
ISBN  978-0-262-52529-9, 253 PAGES, PAPERBACK.  $18.95
Reviewed by Donna Yarri, PhD., who is Professor of Theology at Alvernia University in Reading, PA.

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