Ethics & Medicine Volume 13:2 Summer 1997

Download PDF : E&M 13.2 Articles The Transition from a Social to a Competition-Base Health Care System Prof. Gyula, Gaizler Anencephalic Neonates as Organ Donors Revisited: A Response to the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association Gregory W Rutecki, MD The American Psychiatric Association’s ‘Guidelines Regarding Possible Conflict Between Psychiatrists’ Religious Commitments and Psychiatric Practice’: A Conceptual Critique A A Howsepian, MD Gatekeeper Ethics: The Primary Care Physician in the Era of Managed Care Don Buckley, MD A Document Against So-Called Embryo ‘Reduction’ Centre of Bioethics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome Book Reviews Ethical Aspects of Human ReproductionClaude Sureau & Francoise Shenfield, Editors Pete Moore Life at Risk: The Crises in Medical EthicsRichard D. Land & Louis A. Moore, Editors Bruce A. Little, MA, MAR, DMin Readings in Christian Ethics, Volume 1: Theory and MethodDavid K. Clark and Robert V. Rakestraw, Editors James A. Smith, Sr. Human Fertilisation and Embryology Pre-conceived Ideas: A Christian Perspective of IVF and EmbryologySaint Andrew Press, Editor, Dr. Calum MacKellar The Troubled Helix: Social and Psychological Implications of the New Human GeneticsTheresa Marteau & Martin Richards, Prof. John A. Bryant

Ethics & Medicine Volume 13:1 Spring 1997

Download PDF : E&M 13.1 Articles Euthanasia Tourism Rebecca C Miller The Culture of Death and the Gospel of Life: An Evangelical Response to Evangelium Vitae R. Albert Mohler, Jr, PhD The Use of Backstreet Abortion Arguments in Favour of Legalized Abortion David Paton, BSc, MA Products of the Will: Robertson’s Children of Choice Prof. Gilbert Meilaender Prospective Payment System and the Traditional Medical Ethics in Hungary Prof. Ilona Jenei Book Reviews Christian Choices in Health CareDominic Beer, Eunice R. Burton, FRCS, FRCOG Medical Ethics: An IntroductionKenneth Kearon, Stephen N. Williams Science and the New Age ChallengeErnest Lucas, John A. Bryant The Illusion of Trust: Toward a Medical Theological Ethics in the Postmodern AgeEdwin R. DuBose, Stephen N. Williams

Ethics & Medicine Volume 12:3 Fall 1996

Download PDF : E&M 12.3 Comment Back to the Future C. Ben Mitchell Articles Ignorance Increases the Dangers of the Ecstasy Dance Culture Simon Davies, MB, ChB Predicting Our Health: Ethical Implications of Neural Networks and Outcome Potential Predictions Andrew M. Seddon, MD Did Paul Condone Suicide? Implications for Assisted Suicide and Active Euthanasia Dónal P. O’Mathúna, PhD Theological Foundations for Death and Dying Issues Dennis Hollinger, PhD The Biological Child Calum MacKellar, PhD Book Reviews

Ethics & Medicine Volume 12:2 Summer 1996

Download PDF : E&M 12.2 Articles Comment Agneta Sutton, MSc, MPhil Life Without Hippocrates: The Vision of Nietzsche Stephen Williams, MA, PhD Some Reservations About Suicide A. A. Howsepian, MD The British Law on Assisted Reproduction: A Liberal Law By Comparison with Many Other European Laws Agneta Sutton, MSc, MPhil Philosophical Considerations for Christian Ethics Bruce A Little, DMin

Ethics & Medicine Volume 12:1 Spring 1996

Download PDF : E&M 12.1 Articles Bioethics and the Future of Us All Nigel M de S Cameron Bioethics and Public Policy: Will Liberal Nihilism Be Our Future? Dominique Folscheid Hippocratic Medicine and the Teaching of Medical Ethics Teresa Iglesias An International Workshop: Life Sciences and the Concept of Person: Impact of Individual Opinions on the Respect for Human Personhood P. Goube de Laforest, CNRS The Nature of the Human Embryo: Philosophical Perspectives Dr. Laura Palazzani Book Reviews Advance Directives and the Pursuit of Death with DignityNorman I. Cantor Prof. David Short Borrowed Time: A Surgeon’s Struggle with Transfusion-Induced AIDSOrville J. Messenger & Dorothy R. Messenger Robert D. Orr Coping with Controversy: Conflict, Censorship, & Freedom within Christian CirclesD. Gareth Jones Robert D. Orr Death and Deliverance: Euthanasia in Germany 1900-1945Michael Burleigh Prof. David Short Dispatches from the Front: Theological Engagements with the SecularStanley Hauerwas Donal P. O’Mathuna

Ethics & Medicine Volume 11:3 Fall 1995

Download PDF : E&M 11.3 Articles The Budapest Conference in Bioethics, 1995 Dr Teresa Iglesias Is the Human Person a Substance or a Property-thing? J P Moreland & John Mitchell A Christian Perspective on the Use of Animals for Medical Research and Transplantation Juan Aristondo Book Reviews Procuring Organs for Transplant: The Debate Over Non-Heart-Beating Cadaver ProtocolsRobert M Arnold, MD, Stewart J Youngner, MD, Renie Schapiro, MPH, & Carol Mason Spicer, MA, Editors Gregory W Rutecki, MD The Virtues in Medical PracticeEdmund Pellegrino & David Thomasma John Peppin, DO Cleansing the Fatherland: Nazi Medicine and Racial HygieneGotz Aly, Peter Chroust, & Christian Pross C Ben Mitchell Our Genetic Future: The Science and Ethics of Genetic TechnologyBritish Medical Association Patrick J O’Rourke Ethical Issues in NursingGeoffrey Hunt, Editor Agneta Sutton Pursuing Parenthood: Ethical Issues in Assisted ReproductionPaul Lauritzen Tamsin Poole

Ethics & Medicine Volume 11:2 Summer 1995

Download PDF : E&M 11.2 Articles On Being Politically Correct Dr. Keith J Russell The Struggle Against Abortion: Why the Use of Lethal Force Is Not Morally Justifiable The Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention Response to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s Consultation Document on Research and Fertility Treatment Using Human Ova and Ovarian Tissue Obtained From Live Women, Cadavers, or Fetuses The Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy Liver Transplantation and Alcoholic Patients: When Is It Justified to Just Say No? Gregory W. Rutecki, MD Book Reviews The Tentative Pregnancy: Prenatal Diagnosis and the Future of MotherhoodBarbara Katz Rothman, Editor Dorothy A. Whyte Euthanasia, Clinical Practice, and the LawLuke Gormally, Editor Andrew Fergusson, MB, MRCGP The Virtues in Medical PracticeEdmund D. Pelligrino & David C. Thomasma Agneta Sutton Mind Fields: Reflections on the Science of Mind and BrainMalcolm Jeeves A. A. Howsepian, MD The New Genesis: Theology and the Genetic RevolutionRonald Cole-Turner C. Ben Mitchell

Ethics & Medicine Volume 11:1 Spring 1995

Download PDF : E&M 11.1 Articles Bioethics and the Challenge of the Post-Consensus Society Dr Nigel M de S Cameron Response to Nigel M de S Cameron’s Bioethics and the Challenge of the Post-Consensus Society David B. Fletcher, PhD Models of Nursing and Theories of Humanity: A Christian Perspective Barbara Parfitt & Stephen Williams Consistent Bioethics and Christian Consistency The Rev. Stanley L. Jaki Major Conclusions and Recommendations from the Final Report of the NIH Human Embryo Research Panel September 27, 1994 Book Reviews Health Care Reform: A Human Rights ApproachAudrey R. Chapman, Editor Marvin Jones, PhD On the New Frontiers of Genetics and ReligionJ. Robert Nelson Dr. Emy Locassen The Genetic RevolutionPatrick Dixon Patrick J. O’Rourke

Ethics & Medicine Volume 10:3 Fall 1994

Download PDF : E&M 10.3 COMMENT A Family Year? Agneta Sutton Genetic Engineering – Bane or Blessing? C. Ben Mitchell REPORT Transplantation of Fetal Tissue H. Jochemsen The Status of the Embryo from a Christian Point of View Dominique Folscheid Blurring Distinctions between the Dying and the Dead: A Call for Discernment in Organ Donation Gregory W. Rutecki