Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:3 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.3 EDITORIAL Back on the Agenda The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron STUDENT FORUM Dr George L. Chalmers The Issues Facing Mankind Proffessor Paul Ramsey Ethical Conflicts in Long-term Care of Aged Patients Goran Bexell, Astrid Norberg, Bo Norberg Why I Changed my Mind Dr Peter Armon

Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:2 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.2 SYMPOSIUM ON THE WARNOCK REPORT EDITORIAL One of Us? The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron Problems Raised by Artificial Human Reproduction Professor Ian Donald A view from the Other End Dr George L. Chalmers The Case Against Embryo Research Dr Richard Higginson A Church’s Response to Warnock

Ethics & Medicine Volume 1:1 1985

Download PDF : E&M 1.1 EDITORIALS A New Arrival The Warnock Debate Medicine and Mores SYMPOSIUM Doctors and the Gillick Case O. R. Johnston A General Practitioner’s Response Huw Morgan A Legal Comment Alan Gamble Medicine, Science or Art? Paul K. Buxton