Ethics & Medicine Volume 16:3 Fall 2000

Download PDF : E&M 16.3 Articles An Idea Whose Time Has Come C Ben Mitchell, PhD Can Christians Be Effective in the Public Policy Arena? Clarke D Forsythe, JD Toward the Relief of Suffering and the Restoration of Person Jeffrey L Newswanger, DO Artificial Nutrition and Hydration for Patients in Persistent Vegetative State: Continuing Reflections Alison Atkinson, MB, ChB, DA Autonomy, Euthanasia, and the Holy Spirit Stephen Soto de Mayor, PA-C, Bsc How Then Should We Die?: California’s ‘Death With Dignity’ Act Robert W Evans, PhD Hope, Healing, and Justice in the Abortion Debate Ann Vogel, RN Book Reviews Valuing PeopleGareth Jones, David Short Called to Care: A Christian Theology of NursingJudith Allen Shelly & Arlene B. Miller, Bart Cusveller, BNurs, MPhil Christians and BioethicsFraser Watts, Editor, Dr. P. K. Buxton Revelation and Reconciliation: A Window on ModernityStephen N. Williams, W. David J. McKay Families Following Assisted Conception: What Do We Tell Our Child?Alexina M. McWhinnie, Agneta Sutton New Ethics for the Public’s HealthDan E. Beauchamp & Bonnie Steinbock, Editors, Michael W. Austin, MA Genetic Engineering: A Christian ResponseTimothy J. Demy & Gary P. Stewart, Editors, Amy B. Coxon, PhD Unholy Madness: The Church’s Surrender to PsychiatrySeth Farber, Andrew M. […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 16:2 Summer 2000

Download PDF : E&M 16.2 Articles The Protest of a Troubled Bioethicist C. Ben Mitchell, PhD Alternative Therapies: Making a Difference through Spiritual Evaluation Glenn M. Hultgren, DC ‘The Death of Ivan Ilyich’ and the Resuscitation of Christian Medical Ethics Brian Brock, MA Is the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association Ethical? Richard C. Eyer, DMin A Clinical Ethics Perspective on Assisted Reproductive Technology Robert D. Orr, MD A Conflict of Interest in Reproductive Medicine Steven A. Long, PhD Is the Human Embryo Our Neighbor Agneta Sutton, MPhil Book Reviews Unriddling Our Times: Reflections on the Gathering Cultural CrisisOs Guinness, Editor, Andrew M Seddon, MD Children’s Rights Re-Visioned: Philosophical ReadingsRosalind Ekman Ladd, Editor, John D Basie, MA The Complete Book of Baby & Child CarePaul C Reiser and Focus on the Family, Angel Heredia, MD & Elizabeth Heredia, MD The Ethics of the Ordinary in Healthcare: Concepts and CasesJohn Abbott Worthley, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD Religion in the Public Square: The Place of Religious Convictions in Political Debate (Point/Counterpoint)Robert Audi & Nicholas Wolterstorff, David Fletcher, PhD Science, Life, and Christian Belief: A Survey of Contemporary IssuesMalcom A Jeeves & R J Berry, Andrew M Seddon, MD ‘Blind Alley […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 16:1 Spring 2000

Download PDF : E&M 16.1 Articles Paradise Lost: The Devolution of Medical Practice Gillian Craig, MD ‘Where Am I Going from Here?’ The Ethical and Spiritual Issues of Estrangement David Schiedermayer, MD Redefining the Active/Passive Euthanasia Debate: Introducing New Categories to Aid Proper Moral Contemplation Daniel McConchie, MA Ethical Issues in Cochlear Implantation of Children Kenneth J Dormer, PhD & Ashton Whaley, MS The Impact of the Pill on Implantation Factors–New Research Findings John Wilks, BPharm, MPS, MACPP The Abortifacient Effect of the Birth Control Pill and the Principle of ‘Double Effect’ Walter L Larimore, MD Book Reviews Last Rights: Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Debated Michael M Uhlmann, Editor, Scott B Rae, PhD

Ethics & Medicine Volume 15:3 Fall 1999

Download PDF : E&M 15.3 Articles New Feature in Ethics & Medicine C. Ben Mitchell, PhD Opinions and Attitudes of Medical Students Towards Basic Principles of the Hippocratic Oath Stanka Markova, MD, PhD, SM, Juliana K Marinova, MD, SM, Svetlana M Dimitrova, MD, SM, & Borislav D Dimitrov, MD, MSc Redefining the Active/Passive Euthanasia Debate–Part 1 Daniel McConchie, MA The History of the Hospice Movement’s Beginnings Dame Cicely Saunders Reviving the Saracen’s Head: A Commentary on the New Biotechnologies Dennis M Sullivan, MD, Joseph W Francis, PhD, & James A Sellers, PhD On Human Embryos and Medical Research: An Appeal for Ethically Responsible Science and Public Policy Special Article Book Reviews The Changing Face of Health Care: A Christian Appraisal of Managed Care, Resource Allocation, and Patient-Caregiver RelationshipsJ. F. Kilner, R. D. Orr, & J. A. Shelley, Editors, Prof. Henk Jochemsen Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually VirtuousW. Jay Wood, Brad Stetson, PhD Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia: Past & PresentJ. C. Willkie, Frederic Wertham, Cathleen Cleaver, Edward Grant, & Mark Rothe, Andrew M. Seddon Rewinding Your Biological Clock: Motherhood Late in LifeRichard J. Paulson & Judith Sachs, Scott B. Rae, PhD Life in the Face Death: The Resurrection Message of the New TestamentRichard […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 15:2 Summer 1999

Download PDF : E&M 15.2 Guest Editorial The Christian Heritage in Cure and Care Henk Jochemsen Articles A Worldview for Nursing Arlene B. Miller, RN, MDiv Working Towards Shalom: The Core of Nursing Practice Judith Allen Shelly, RN, DMin Professional Responsibility in Nursing Theory and Practice: Response to Arlene Miller and Judy Shelly Bart Cusveller, Prof. ‘Why Me, God?’ Understanding Suffering Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD ‘Double Effect’ and Palliative Care: A Legal and Ethical Outline John Keown, MA, DPhil Book Reviews Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New WorldLee M Silver, Agneta Sutton Bringing the Hospital Home: Ethical and Social Implications of High-Tech Home CareJohn D Arras, Editor, Michael McKenzie, PhD Alternative Medicine and EthicsJames M Humber & Robert F Almeder, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD The Alternative Medicine HandbookBarrie R Cassileth, Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes?John F Kilner, Rebecca D Pentz, & Frank E Young, Editors, Amy B Coxon, BS, PhD candidate Piety and Humanity: Essays on Religion and Early Modern Political PhilosophyDouglas Kreis, Editor, Bruce A Little, MAR, MA, DMin Long-Term Care Decisions: Ethical and Conceptual DimensionsLaurence B McCullough & Nancy L Wilson, Editors, Michael McKenzie, PhD Alzheimer’s: Answers to […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 15:1 Spring 1999

Download PDF : E&M 15.1 Articles When Learned Doctors Murder C. Ben Mitchell, PhD Primitive Physic Reverend John Wesley (1703-1791) In Vitro Fertilization and the Ethics of Procreation Joseph S. Spoerl, PhD Palliative Care from the Perspective of a Consultant Geriatrician: The Dangers of Withholding Hydration Gillian Craig, MD, FRCP Book Reviews Man Made Man: Ethical and Legal Issues in GeneticsEd Peter Docherty & Agneta Sutton, Prof. David Short God and the Biologist: Faith at the Frontiers of ScienceR. J. Berry, Prof. David Short A Time to Live, A Time to DieBeatrice M. A. Ash, with Lucile Allen, Dianna Lightfoot, MA The New Healers: The Promise and Problems of Molecular Medicine in the Twenty-First CenturyWilliam R. Clark, Andrew M. Seddon, MD The Ends of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal PolityEzekiel J. Emanuel, John F. Peppin, DO Striving After Virtue: A Contemporary Guide for Jewish Ethical BehaviorKerry M. Olitzky & Rachel T. Sabath, Michael McKenzie, PhD Jewish Ethics and Halakhah for Our Time (Sources and Commentary), Volume IIBasil F. Herring, Michael McKenzie, PhD Moral Theory and Medical PracticeK. W. M. Fulford, Dr. P. K. Buxton Modern Medicine and Jewish EthicsFred Rosner, Gregory W. Rutecki, MD Abortion at Work: Ideology […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 14:3 Fall 1998

Download PDF : E&M 14.3 Articles Viagra and the Future of Medicine C. Ben Mitchell, PhD Commentary Carl F. Henry, PhD Made Not Begotten: A Theological Analysis of Human Cloning John S. Grabowski, PhD Cochlear Implants in Children: Ethical Considerations from the Perspective of a Christian Parent Gerald R. Feulmer, MA, MDiv Prenatal Genetic Testing: The Need for Legislation Emy Lucassen Eugenic Tendencies in Modern Genetics David King Book Reviews Brave New Families: Biblical Ethics and Reproductive TechnologiesScott B. Rae, Brad Stetson, PhD The Frankenstein Syndrome: Ethical and Social Issues in the Genetic Engineering of AnimalsBernard E. Rollin, Amy Coxon Medicine in the Bible and the Talmud: Selections From Classical Jewish SourcesFred Rosner, Greg W. Rutecki, MD Christian Healing: What Can We BelieveEd Ernest Lucas, David Short The Ethics of Human Gene TherapyLeRoy Walters & Julie Gage Palmer, Andrew M. Seddon, MD Organ Transplantation: Meanings and RealitiesStuart J. Youngner, Renee C. Fox, & Laurence J. O’Connell, Editors, Gregory W Rutecki, MD Strong Shadows: Scenes From an Inner City AIDS ClinicAbigail Zuger, David Schiedermayer, MD Medical Ethics Today: Its Practice and PhilosophyBritish Medical Association 1993, Patrick J O’Rourke

Ethics & Medicine Volume 14:2 Summer 1998

Download PDF : E&M 14.2 Articles Consultation Paper on Cloning Agneta Sutton Are Advance Directives an Advance? A A Howsepian, MD The Health Care Institution-Patient Relationship: A Paradigm Lost John F Peppin, DO Non-Treatment Decisions in the Care of the Newborn Infant John Wyatt Watching Over Patient Life and Death: Kevorkian, Hippocrates, and Maimonides Kalman J Kaplan, PhD & Matthew B Schwartz, PhD Book Reviews Ethics and PerinatologyA Goldworth, W Silverman, D K Stevenson, E W D Young, & R Rivers, Editors, Dorothy Whyte Moral Choices: An Introduction to EthicsScott Rae, Daniel E Deaton Playing God: Dissecting Biomedical Ethics and Manipulating the BodyR C Sproul, Jr, Editor, Andrew M Seddon, MD The ProposalAngela Hunt, Andrew M Seddon, MD The Cyborg HandbookChris Hables Gray, Editor, David Schiedermayer, MD Body, Soul, and BioethicsGilbert C Meilaender, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD Bioethics: A Primer for ChristiansGilbert Meilaender, Thomas D Kennedy, PhD Euthanasia in The Netherlands: Sliding Down the Slippery Slope?John Keown, Prof David Short Trying for a Baby: What You Need to Know About Fertility TreatmentPete Moore, Richard Higginson The Idea of the Postmodern: A HistoryHans Bertens, Rev D Ernest Lucas Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem: In Defence of InteractionKarl R Popper; M A […]

Ethics & Medicine Volume 14:1 Spring 1998

Download PDF : E&M 14.1 Articles The Shape of the Future C. Ben Mitchell, PhD The Duty of Physicians Reverend Richard Baxter (1615-1691) Theoretical and Philosophical Reflections About the Medical Approach Towards Procreation Dr. Barbara Maier Religion-Based Perspectives on Cloning of Humans National Bioethics Advisory Commission (USA) A Protestant Perspective on Cloning C. Ben Mitchell, PhD Book Reviews The Ground of Professional EthicsDaryl Koehn, Gary P. Stewart Caring for Patients: A Critique of the Medical ModelAllen Barbour, Susan Williams A Short History of Modern Philosophy from Descartes to WittgensteinRoger Scruton, Stephen N Williams Families for TomorrowJ Bogle, Editor, Dorothy A Whyte

Ethics & Medicine Volume 13:3 Fall 1997

Download PDF : E&M 13.3 Articles Comment Agneta Sutton, Managing Editor The Ethics of Nursing Care Dr. Ann Bradshaw Primary Vaginal Cancer in Pregnancy: Difficulty in the Ethical Management L. Puls, MD, R. Terry, MD, & J. Hunter, MD ‘The Least a Parent Can Do’: Prenatal Genetic Testing and the Welcome of Our Children Brock L. Eide, MD Engineering Life: Defining ‘Humanity’ in a Postmodern Age Jim Leffel Confronting the Pine Box with the Ballot Box: A Critical Appraisal of Oregon’s Attempt to ‘Do” Medical Ethics by Public Ballot Jerome R Wernow, PhD, RPh Book Reviews The Christian Virtues in Medical PracticeEdmund D Pellegrino & David C Thomasma John F Peppin, DO The DNA Mystique: The Gene as a Cultural IconDorothy Nelkin & M Susan Lindee Jim Leffel The Sterilization Option: A Guide for ChristiansDavid B Biebel, Editor Donal P O’Mathuna, PhD Bioethics and the Future of Medicine: A Christian AppraisalJohn F Kilner, Nigel M de S Cameron, & David L Schiedermayer, Editors Margaret M Sealey