Ethics & Medicine Volume 9:3 Fall 1993

Download PDF : E&M 9.3 COMMENT From the Editor Bioethics in Budapest; or, a tale of two cities LEGAL COMMENT Courting Euthenasia? Tony Bland and the Law Lords From Dr John Keown, Queens’ College, Cambridge Symposium on PVS and the Bland Case Persistent Vegetative State: Some Clinical Observations Maureen Tudor The Case For Letting Vegetative Patients Die Bryan Jennett Definitions of Personhood: Implications for the Care of PVS Patients Luke Gormally

Ethics & Medicine Volume 9:2 Summer 1993

Download PDF : E&M 9.2 COMMENT From the Editor A Decade for Death The New Dutch ‘Medical Experimentation Bill’ and Incompetent Patients B. S. Cusveller and H. Jochemsen The NHS Reforms – A View from General Practice Kenneth Prudhoe Picture Perfect: The Politics of Prenatal Testing Elizabeth Kristol

Ethics & Medicine Volume 9:1 Spring 1993

Download PDF : E&M 9.1 COMMENT Professor David Short A Physician’s Misgivings regarding the Advance Directive A Time to Live C. Ben Mitchell & Michael K. Whitehead Living Wills A Briefing Paper from CARE Euthenasia A statement by HOPE

Ethics & Medicine Volume 8:1 Spring 1992

Download PDF : E&M 8.1 COMMENT From Dr Bernard Nathanson Of Pre-Embryos and Bourbon Kings Hospice Care for the ‘Living Dead’? Walter H. Schuman Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: a Review Pamela F. Sims Abortion and Shelter Beyond – Thompson’s Violinist Helen Watt AIDS: the Moral, Medical and Spiritual Challenges Harold O. J. Brown

Ethics & Medicine Volume 7:3 Fall 1991

Download PDF : E&M 7.3 COMMENT From the Editor An Exciting Initiative: The Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy From the Very Revd Professor Thomas F. Torrance Donor Insemination for the Single Woman From Professor David S. Short The Persistent Vegetative State Cystic Fibrosis: Screening or Cure? Dr J. S. Elborn The Seamless Dress of Hippocratic Medicine The Revd Dr Nigel M. de S. Cameron REVIEWS Paul R. Fleischman, The Healing Spirit: Case Studies in Religion and Psychotherapy (Allan Webster) The Glover Report: Fertility and the Family (David Short) Thomas Halper, The Misfortunes of Others: End-stage Renal Disease in the United Kingdom(Gillian M. Morton) William D. Hitt, Ethics and Leadership: Putting Theory into Practice (Richard Higginson)

Ethics & Medicine Volume 7:2 Summer 1991

Download PDF : E&M 7.2 COMMENT From Professor D. A. du Toit, Stellenbosch, South Africa Leeds Conference Report: The Provocative Nature of Some Ethical Language From Stuart Hornett, Leicester England The Sanctity of Life and Substituted Judgement: The Case of Baby J FORUM: Responses to ‘Rescuing the Innocent’ Death and the Beginning of Life Teresa Iglesias, Dublin, Eire The Misuse of Maternal Mortality Statistics in the Abortion Debate Francis J. Beckwith, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ethics & Medicine Volume 6:2 Summer 1990

Download PDF : E&M 6.2 COMMENT Euthenasia, The Ultimate Abandonment Rita L. Marker The Doctor’s Ethics D.E.B. Powell Rapiers and the Religio Medici Jonathan Sinclair Carey The Medical Dilema G. Raymond Selby The Mother-Child Relationship Soren Holm

Ethics & Medicine Volume 6:1 Spring 1990

Download PDF : E&M 6.1 COMMENT The Embryo Debate The Archbishop of York’s Speech to the House of Lords; The Editor’s Response Arguements for Abortion of Abnormal Fetuses and the Moral Status of the Developing Embryo Agneta Sutton A Case Against Dutch Euthenasia Richard Fenigsen

Ethics & Medicine Volume 5:3 Fall 1989

Download PDF : E&M 5.3 COMMENT The EMbryo Bill A Debate on Fetal Tissue Use in Finland The Spiritual Care of the Dying Patient Dr G. Raymond Selby Rescuing the Innocent Denis D. Haack Allowing Death or Actively Killing? Dr Rudolph Arendt REVIEWS Bereavement, John and Libby Wattis, Lingdale Papers 10, Counselling as Covenant – some Theological implications, David Atkinson, Lingdale Papers 11. Choose Life. A Christian Perspective on Abortion and Embryo Experiments, Richard Winter