Ethics & Medicine : Volume 35:2 Summer 2019

Download PDF : E&M 35:2 EDITORIAL The Promise of Palliation C. Ben Mitchell, PhD GREY MATTERS Machine Intelligence as Interpreter: Ethical Implications of Neural Speech Decoding William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD CLINICAL ETHICS DILEMMA Surgery in Those Who Cannot Give Consent  Robert D. Orr, MD, CM; Ferdinand D. Yates., MD, MA (Bioethics) GUEST COMMENTARY Robots, Jobs, and Leisure: Being Human in the Face of Technological Disruption Jacob Shatzer, MDiv, PhD GUEST COMMENTARY Synthetic Human Entities with Embryo-Like Features (SHEEFs) and the Incarnation Todd Daly, PhD Heart Poisoning: Medicine Unlike Any Other Jacek Hawiger, MD, PhD, MA(Hon), MD(Hon) Healthcare, Religious Obligations, and Caring for the Poor Dennis L. Sansom, PhD BOOK REVIEWS The Price of Global Health 2nd ed.  Ed Schoonveldl  Burlington: Gower Publishing Company, 2015. ISBN  978-1-4724-3881-2. 455 PAGES, HARDBACK.  $126.96 Reviewed by Scott Davidson, Instructor of Theology and Philosophy at Alvernia University in Reading, PA. Being Amoral : Psychopathy and Moral Incapacity Edited by Thomas Schramme, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2014. ISBN  978-0-262-02791-5. 325 PAGES, HARDCOVER.  $45.00 Reviewed by Gerald S. Vigna, PhD, who is Associate Professor of Theology at Alvernia University in Reading, PA.